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One must be very mindful of where to park the car in Rhodes City. This section of our website aims to familiarise you with the general parking rules and regulations in Rhodes. Please remember to always follow the traffic and parking regulations.




Parking in Rhodes City can become a challenge, especially during the months of summer and around popular dining and entertainment venues.

In general, there are two main parking designations in Rhodes City, demarcated by colored lines: Blue Lines and Yellow Lines.

BLUE LINES: Indicate paid, metered parking positions. You may park your vehicle at the position delineated by blue lines. At the corners of many streets in the city center you will find grey metal boxes that dispense parking receipts. The hours of paid parking are indicated on the machine. You must place the parking receipt behind the windshield of the vehicle so that it is easily readable by the parking enforcement police officers, and renew it as needed. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are usually free depending on location.

YELLOW LINES: indicate a NO-PARKING zone. Parked vehicles on Yellow Lines are issued parking tickets by the Rhodes Police Department or the Rhodes Port Authority, and are subject to towing. Renter is liable for parking ticket and vehicle recovery costs.

FREE PARKING: At specific designated areas around Elli beach and Rhodes Casino there are signs indicating Free Parking. Parking is Free only if there are no other restrictions in place.

PARKING SIGN POSTS: Please be aware that in addition to the color coded lines there are sign posts that indicate no parking or no parking/no standing zones. Please inquire with the car rental agent about any specific questions.

COMPLIMENTARY PARKING: Eurocars Car Rentals offers complimentary parking, free of charge at specific designated spots to our customers. Please inquire with car rental agent for details.